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Contents of this web Page: HIV General information is very important subject and will come under this page- HIV General information is most important may be. This will cover how HIV is formed, what to do to stop that from spreading? How to treat and cure HIV? And much more information about HIV and  related subjects will come under HIV General information. 

Introduction: HIV  is the deadliest disease in the world. As you know it has deep roots from late seventies. It is from 1981 HIV was predominant and  Zidovudine (AZT) was the first ever medicine to treat this devastating disease.  It is said thatwhen alternative medicines come in to the field in 200os the HIV became curable stuff. Till then Allopathic medication was as mere medicines and result less waiting. 

This deadly viruses choose  a few particular types of cells in the body and move in to reproduce. The HIV - human immunodeficiency virus- use to target helper T cells of the human immune system. As many don't know-it can also attack cells like that in the brain, nervous system, digestive system, lymphatic system, and other parts of the body. 

But the most powerful attack always be at T cells as T cells are the back born of human acquired immune system- They are developed to fight off invading germs to keep the body healthy. They are also referred to as "T4," "helper-T," or "CD4" cells etc. They identify invaders and let the soldier-type cells to kill the invading bacteria/ viruses/ cancers/fungi etc sick making agents. 

Even though HIV doesn't intend to kill the host and even if its only interest is to reproduce itself. when  it has attacked and moved into a T cell T cell will be a virus factory- HIV will pass itz RNA to cell's DNA ans make that a factory of virus.  Eventually there are so many new viruses in the cell that the T cell explodes, scattering the HIV back into the bloodstream. The virus then moves on to fresh T cells and repeats the process. Over time, the HIV can destroy virtually all of an infected person's T cells. When T Cells go- illness will come to our body as no one is there to identify the invading attackers. HIV infection's intensity always depends on CD4 Count of the human body.

T cell count below 200 patient will be in AIDS stat - Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome-  AIDS is not a single disease but a collection of diseases. The Centers for Disease Control  has put together a list of 26  AIDS-defining illnesses. This is wonderful. 

Scope of this Subject: HIV is a deadly disease. Any study on this subject is having great relevance. One out of every 5 deaths in the world is due to HIV. So the scope of the subject is very High. No doubt about that. HIV swapped through poor African countries and killed most of the youths. The scope of this subject is on the strength of this disease to defeat medication and kill patients. 

Important updates On This Subject: HIV updates are many. Latest one is Pfizer got approved from AMA and US Federal government-  For now, the US FDA has only approved the product for use in treatment-experienced patients who only have HIV which infects T-cells via the CCR5 co-receptor. Some says use of CCR5 inhibitors might encourage the virus to switch to the CXCR4 tropic form -more aggressive form.  

In alternative system -they are claiming 1500 cases are cured- Holistic system underline this and show how simple they cure HIV just like anything. The Holistic methods indicates very successful results in 3 months while allopathic treatment fail in long term.

More Information On This Subject: HIV information is every thing about HIV- Here is a snap shot of what HIV is.

It is three decades since the discovery of the HIV virus but we are still lacking HIV info. According to UNAIDS estimates, there are now 33.2 million people living with HIV, including 2.5 million children. Although there is no foolproof cure or vaccine for HIV virus, the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) will ensure that medicines are available at an affordable cost even in third world countries. The search for the vaccine for AIDS remains the challenge for the world today.

 HIV info can be better circulated by creating awareness amongst the people about HIV and its history. The earliest fully documented case of HIV dates back to 1959. A Congolese man's blood sample from a medical study was preserved, found, and then analyzed in 1998. It was verified that he had been HIV+. Other suspected, but unverified because of the lack of blood or tissue samples, cases date back as early as 1934. The history of HIV is filled with triumphs and failures; living and death. The HIV timeline stretches before us, marking our past and reaching toward out future. But where will that future lead? This HIV/AIDS timeline began early in 1981. In July of that year, the New York Times reported an outbreak of a rare form of cancer among gay men in New York and California. This "gay cancer" as it was called at the time was later identified as Kaposi's Sarcoma, a disease that later became the face of AIDS. About the same time, emergency rooms in New York City began to see a rash of seemingly healthy young men presenting with fevers, flu-like symptoms, and a rare pneumonia called Pneumocystis. 

This was the beginning of what has become the biggest health care concern in modern history. Twenty-five years later the disease still plagues society. Let us delve into some more HIV info. What is causing the spread of the infection? Ignorance. One in three youngsters in the world are still ignorant about how the infection spreads. We have to wake up to the harsh reality of the epidemic and the world’s leaders must demonstrate real commitment to keep their promise. We cannot wait another quarter of a century for a vaccine. The need of the hour is the four Ms-motivation, money, medicines and manpower. Let me burst the bubble on some common myths about HIV /AIDS.

Blood donation can cause HIV infection. People today are afraid of donating blood. HIV does not spread through donation of blood, as hospitals and blood banks use disposable syringes. Another myth is that HIV / AIDS spreads through mosquito and bug bites, air, saliva and touch. It is a very important piece of information about HIV / AIDS that it is not spread through mosquito and bug bites, air, saliva and touch.

Promiscuous men and women have largely been held responsible for fuelling the HIV /AIDS epidemic in the world. Stigma towards HIV-positive people needs to be countered if the threat of HIV /AIDS is to be overcome. Stigma is hard to track and its impact even harder to measure. Those vulnerable to and experiencing social stigma and discrimination will be puzzled if they were told that awareness and knowledge about HIV/AIDS is higher than before. Awareness is not translating into tolerance or a shedding of stigma. The good HIV info is that the number of people contracting HIV infection is dropping worldwide.

 Protection against HIV/AIDS and preventing its spread is certainly a key message, but protection using stigma and alienation will go nowhere. It is always challenging to fight for legislation and better policy outcomes. Certain states have law against discrimination of HIV-positive children in schools. But laws and policies cannot be substitutes for a humane approach.

HIV is a deadly disease and if some one survives that means mere luck and God's grace. I do believe like that. I don't know how you believe. HIV otherwise is the worst curse of human population. 


1981 - A sudden Outbreaks of a rare illnesses -which is  reported among young homosexual men in the United States. A rare respiratory infection called pneumocystis carinii pneumonia and rarest cancer called  Kaposi's sarcoma, usually infect very older men who is down in immunity.

1983 - Scientists suspects the emergence of new disease- that destroys the body's immune system. They coin name HIV. 

1984 - Very next year-the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, HIV, is identified as the cause of the disease- they called HIV - Which they find will convert to AIDS form later. They found out  AIDS is spread through blood are published. 

1985 - This is important year as medical researchers develop diagnostic test for the virus. It was subjected to debate in - First ever World AIDS Conference -which is held in Atlanta (Georgia). 

1987 - A medicine called Zidovudine (AZT), the first treatment for HIV found- in allopathic world. 

1988 - Later in this year AIDS associations start to dedicate a day to AIDS- December 1 is designated World AIDS Day. 

1991 - A special allopathic drug called -Videx (ddl), like AZT - reverse transcriptase inhibitors (RTIs)- is found. 

1994-1995 - Allopathic medicines flood the market- with huge propaganda. The Zerit (d4T) and Epivir (3TC) etc RTIs type medicines came in. No big impact as HIV continue to kill people. 

1996 - The combination medicine is launched. That was a triple drug cocktails including a  protease inhibitors that block the replication of HIV in the body - 

1997 -The new allopathic therapy came in  Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) - This claimed that 80 percent fall in deaths after this is introduced.Actually millions continue to die even after it came in. 

1999 - A great break through - A chimpanzee named Marilyn helps confirm that the AIDS virus first passed into people from chimps

2000 - After repeated requests from WHO-Five top drug companies agree to slash the price of HIV and AIDS treatments for developing countries UN consider this as break through.  

2001 - The U.N. General Assembly sets timetables for countries to implement strategies for education, prevention and treatment. Uter failure  in later years 

2002 - This is a great year for HIV- A Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria is set up to fund the fight against the three top infectious diseases. This has got great popularity 

-Same years WHO and UNAIDS launch the "3 by 5" initiative aimed at providing antiretroviral treatment to three million people living with AIDS by 2005. 

- Latest and very new anti HIV Medicine called Fuzeon- called fusion inhibitors blocks HIV from entering the body's immune cells. 

- And  US Government donated  $15 billion to help combat HIV/AIDS.

2004 to 2007 - A new organization called  Global Coalition on Women and AIDS is launched. It aims to address violence against females and legal and social inequalities that make women more vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. 
-- Medical researchers  generic AIDS pill from India is just as good as more expensive branded medicines and should be widely used in developing countries. In India it has great relevance-

- This year we started our first ever alternative treatment center for HIV  and found that was successful. Alternative medication was good to cure HIV- that message  was passed mouth to mouth.. and now almost every one knows that. 

Some Useful Pictures About HIV-See Below-

HIV-human immunodeficiency virus-Clusters

 HIV - Human  Immunodeficiency  Vrus In Clusters

 HIV- A single viral structure. 

HIV - Virus structure


HIV news and information has biggest scope and can't even include in 1000s pages. So our attempt is just to let You know more about HIV rather than all about HIV.


Additional information and other additions to this page will be done soon 



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