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Contents of this web Page: HIV Treatment is very important and one can only cure this deadly disease is only through HIV Treatment. There are many types of HIV Treatments and we are screening out some of them. Allopathic HIV Treatment is vast and wide with several types of Anti viral drugs which will suppress the HIV which will mutate to avoid medicines- And finally allopathic HIV Treatment will fail. In alternative medicines- This is far better and they treat HIV more successfully than Allopathic doctors do. In holistic HIV Treatment the success rate is 100%. 

Introduction: HIV treatment is very important subject that deal the future and life of millions of 
HIV Patients on earth. HIV Treatment can be several type- It can be Allopathic , or can be Homeopathic, Or Ayurvedic, Or Yunani, Or Holistic, Or Eclectic Homeopathy etc. The treatment always should be aim to kill the virus and mean time it must focus on the general health of immunity as well. In some cases treatment must be for the psychological level as well.  

Scope of this Subject: HIV treatment always must focus a genera; spectrum rather than a small spectrum. The cure means patient has to be cured, not the illness. To cure a patient you need multiple application rather than focusing a single point. As said earlier we need following

1.Treatment to kill the HIV- Virus and its strains- 
2.Treatment to stabilize the immunity- Which is under peril-
3.Treatment to cure other diseases- secondary illness-
4.Psycho 0Treatment to make the patients' mind stable.

This sort of multiple approach can kill the whole disease simple. Because there is no point of miss here. Every where we get attention. Patient will be stable both mentally and physically so treatment will be better and faster. Cure will be assured. 

So this way the scope of this subject is very high. People always look for a cure and cure is only possible when you treat. So HIV treatment and its scope is very much. HIV treatment is a great subject that needs good attention. 

Important updates On This Subject: HIV treatment and some break through news are important to be added in this category. Here is the latest update

1. Holistic- Holistic experts said Holistic HIV treatment can cure HIV completely as Holistic treatment will help Body mechanism to oust /push out HIV from human body through Bio magnetic force. Success rate is 100%. So far 1500 cases (as on March/08) Treated successfully. The holistic method is being used around the world now. In all case success rate is 100%. No side effects to this treatment and often very easy to use. Below this page we have given the link to the Holistic HIV treatment and details about that special subject.

2. Ayurvedic Treatment updates- HIV is the last form of Kopas- (4 kopas in body) The treatment with Jack Fruit's inner linings will be a great source to check the viral growth. Ayurveda claims they can treat and check the HIV growth. They also suggest multi use of  Ashwa Gandhadhy as well as Ajamula Rasayana can stamp great success on HIV-

3.Yunani- Latest updates- HIV treatment is not complete one. Hub Madani -is a medicine that can cut down the growth of HIV several times. they claim often patient can live several years.

4.Homeopathy- The updates of Homeopathic HIV Treatment says- In homeopathy patient ahs to be treated not the illness. So if a patient with similar symptoms of - Belladonna Or Calcarias can be saved through those medicines. The homeopathic treatment of HIV is based on 22 different medicines - applicable as per the symptoms of the patient.

5. Allopathic- Latest update says- University of California-San Francisco scientists have discovered how the human immunodeficiency virus can be kept dormant and hidden in immune cells- UPI reports viral gene expression is actively repressed by the inhibitory NF-kappa B p50 protein. That inhibition is mediated by an enzyme called HDAC1, which is capable of shutting down gene expression in its vicinity

 But once they are out they can't go back. The combination therapy can kill 80% of the virus before they come back to full strength. Use combination of different Inhibitors together in different combinations can check virus growth to 10 years or more- But these medicines will destroy Kidney functions and will effect liver badly. 

Report from Duncan lab- HIV is getting more powerful to all combination therapies and with in 5 years it will be impossible to check them with existing combinations. Labs are asking 120 Million dollars more for clinical research. 

More updates will be added soon 

More Information On This Subject: HIV treatment has great significance in our health and fitness  and life as such. The whole process of HIV infection is based on the human T cell's life cycle. The treatment is to kill HIV and thwart them from the T cells.

Holistic  HIV Cure- How that treatment works? The course of action is here. 
The main feature is that this Bio Magnetic Device will create a negative charge in human cells so that a bio magnetic field will be formed which will repel and push out all foreign bodies including HIV virus from body through excretion. Result will be cleaning of the body from virus etc. Herbal medicines will help that device for this. This discussed further in HIV Cure page as well -

As soon as the Bio Magnetic Device  and  medicines start functioning your Body weight will be up and Viral count will come down while CD4 will be back to normal. Your secondary problems will go and you will be healthy again as normal as ever.

It is evident that when CD4 count comes to normal HIV is cured- and HIV Cultural test and P24 Antigen test will show there are no HIV viruses in body. So whole we can make sure that HIV Viruses will be ousted of the body. Your secondary problems will go you will get back weight and all will be good for you soon. This will indicate  you are cured of the disease. 

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HIV Cure-Through Holistic Treatment- Bio Magnetic Card Front end


 HIV Cure-Through Holistic Treatment- Bio Magnetic tap


HIV Cure-Through Holistic Treatment- Bio Magnetic Card in use


The ALLOPATHIC treatment Of HIV. MORE Details- 

In allopathic world- there are many labs working in HIV's particular characteristics.

It is said that the HIV infection is possible because of three vital proteins.

1. Reverse Transcriptase.
2. Integrase protein.
3. Protease protein.

And these proteins are  important at the different stages of HIV infection- in otehr words tehya re essential- 

1.Reverse Transcriptase- Reverse Transcriptase converts the viral RNA into DNA . This is the juncture where Virus makes human cell a factory to produce more virus.

2. Integrase protein- Integrase brings the ends of the DNA together and facilitates in the integration of the viral DNA into the human DNA making it as a part of the cell. This action prevents the human immune system to attack the virus through anti bodies.

3. Protease protein.- this Protease process viral proteins and plays an important role in the making of infectious virus. This is important to get more infection.

Allopathic HIV treatment claims -AZT and other combination drugs to inhibit Reverse Transcriptase and Protease proteins but no single drug to act on Integrase. Well as we said earlier they will work together. 

Another important fact is that- Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer is a biophysical methodology which will interrupt the activity of the Integrase of holding the two ends of the viral DNA before integration- Still not proven but in paper it is working. hah.. But the fact is that 
Once this is interrupted then there is no chance of the integration of the HIV virus DNA with the human DNA and  No HIV will be there.. Let us dream... zzzz 

HIV treatment and Holistic cure- In holistic They use Bio magnetic cards to push out HIV from body. They use low power Bio magnetic strips to create negative charge in human cells that will repel the negative charged foreign bodied from human body- including HIV-They will be pushed through urine and Stools. They use herbals to stabilize the immune system and makes that powerful enough to stable any future attacks 

Ayurvedic Treatment- Latest Ayurvedic HIV treatment indicates use of combined Rasayanas to create great immune power and believes that will make life longer. the theory is based on creating more T cells to out wit HIV. But since the HIV can multiply faster most cases this will be a failure. 

Homeopathy- Using similar system of treating patient than disease, whether that is HIV or any thing they treat patient than Disease. 

Common medicine used in HIV treatment - Allopathic- (As written in HIV Medicine page) 
List of medicine is below. 

Generic Name   Brand   The procedure of use 
lamivudine Epivir Take with or without food
abacavir Ziagen Take with or without food
zidovudine Retrovir Take with or after food
stavudine Zerit Take with or without food
zalcitabine Hivid Take with or after food
didanosine Videx (tablet) Take on an empty stomach 30 minutes before food; avoid alcohol
Videx EC (capsule) Take on an empty stomach 1 hour before food; avoid alcohol
emtricitabine Emtriva Take with or without food
tenofovir Viread Take with or without food

 Allopathic experts claim that - With the latest advances doctors can successfully neutralize the HIV virus by combination therapy’- as we said above-prevents the HIV virus from mutating and spreading, allowing patients to rebuild their immune system to the same levels. Which level? No one said f that- they say only "some level" 

And - Professor Jens Lundgren ( University of Copenhagen) together with some fellow research people- conducted a study, which demonstrates that the immune system of all HIV-infected patients can be restored / normalized if he/she take their treatment. Who know?!!! Well we can see. 

Additional information and other additions to this page will be done soon 



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