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Contents of this web Page: HIV Medicines are important subject as many do believe that there is no scope of survival from this disease. So they ask how can we get a cure? Allopathic HIV Medication is almost impossible to cure HIV, while alternative medicine and treatment proclaims that they can cure HIV through alternative HIV Medicines. 

Introduction: HIV is a dreaded disease. The medication and treatment to cure this deadly disease is some what every one can't do. You need experts to do that. In allopathic treatment there is no cure for HIV, while in alternative systems there are many cures. The drugs used in allopathic HIV medicine often have very toxic side effects also have the the risk of drug interactions is high because of the frequent necessity to prescribe multiple drugs. Allopathic HIV medication have lot of drug side effects.

Scope of this Subject: HIV medication has lot of scope. Since millions of people are suffering of HIV, if any good medicine which can cure HIV will save millions of lives. So natural that the relevance is high and scope of this subject is very high. The scope of this subject is worth millions of dollars also. As now days HIV treatment is very costly and billion dollar industry for many pharmaceutical giants. In another version if a medicine come to lime light that can cure HIV means billion dollar income will be stopped for these giants. 

Since alternative medicines come in this field. HIV cure was a reality. Now people are thinking about HIV cure. Alternative medicines and treatments can cure HIV while allopathic treatment stand and gasp in wonder. The allopathic HIV medicines are waste in all respect. 

Important updates On This Subject: HIV medical updates are several. The main bodies of updates about medication are HIV research team. HIV Medicine is subjected to several updates in principle, techniques, procedure and concept. Latest information reports showing many medicine related action updates. Also there are updates of HIV medicines related to common drug addiction which will lead to HIV infection and spreading. 

Here is the update from HIV consultant's congress say that- Alcohol and drugs will effect ARV action as they will intimidate ARV procedure in Body. This is important HIV medicine you can have from market. 

As you know the drug use is a major factor in the spread of HIV infection. The danger lies in sharing of needle. Shared equipment for using drugs can carry HIV and hepatitis, and drug use is linked with unsafe sexual activity. The drugs and alcohol use can also be dangerous for people who are taking antiretroviral medications.

But- In my opinion the ARV  itself is a dangerous fact. People who are taking ARV will develop lot of complications later can't be cured that easy. HIV medicines can be from alternatiove treatment than from allopathic. 

More Information On This Subject: HIV medicine and information is a subject that needs constant changes. Today's drug will be banned tomorrow. But in alternative medicines they are different. 

Alternative medication consists of 3 type now days.

1. Homeopathic -including electro homeopathic- this is based on symptoms of the patient rather than symptoms of the disease. Different people with same disease will be treated by different medication. In some cases electro/magneto homeopathy can cure HIV by creating inhibitors to the mutant HIV and will make that subject to normal HIV antibody of the body. 

2. Herbal/ Ayurvedic Medicine- This is best to use. But so far no one is reported to be cured through ayurvedic cure.  So we can't trust fully. Ayurveda can give life lot of longevity. That is damn sure. 

3. Holistic- Holistic treatment is a combination of some special herbals and Bio Magnetic cards. BIO Magnetic cards will create the negative cell charges which will oust out all foreign bodies including HIV from body- which has negative charge. Thus person will be cured of HIV, and herbals will maintain body health as well as immunity. Holistic treatment can cure a patient with in very small time.


The Allopathic Treatment- Allopathic doctors sy- AVR can't be missed while taking- You must follow every dose. They insists that. If you miss they say they can't take any responsibility any more. In teh history of HIV medicines. Allopathy did nothing important.

It is very important to take every dose of ARVs. People who are not adherent (miss doses) are more likely to have higher levels of HIV in their blood, and to develop resistance to their medications. Drug use is linked with poor adherence, which can lead to treatment failure.

Usually the  drugs interact with medications. Actually our great orgn liver breaks down some medications used to kill HIV, especially the protease inhibitors and the non-nucleoside analog reverse transcriptase inhibitors. It can break down some recreational drugs, including alcohol. Suppose if use drugs and medications are both in line to use the liver, both be processed slowly. This situation can lead to recreational drug (overdose of the medication). This is serious concern while using allopathic treatment for HIV. 

This  overdose of a medication can be deadly. The HIV medicines are bad that time. Many patients are not dyeing with HIV but by mixing a protease inhibitor with the recreational drug Ecstasy.


1.The important information is allopathic drugs can't cure HIV-  Let us see antiretroviral drugs are the Nucleoside/Nucleotide Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NRTIs). These were the first type of drug available to treat HIV infection in 1987. None of them can even touch the VIRUS. 

2. The second type- antiretroviral drugs are the Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NNRTIs), fopund in 1997. NNRTIs  stop HIV from replicating within cells by inhibiting the reverse transcriptase protein. But actually its use is having 10% effect only. 

3. Protease Inhibitors- The third type is the protease inhibitor-  found in 1995. They can inhibit protease, which is another protein involved in the HIV replication process.

Fusion or Entry Inhibitors- They are potent antiretrovirals is comprised of entry inhibitors  including fusion inhibitors. Entry inhibitors prevent HIV from entering human immune cells. They are  called T-20 - found in 2003, but only for use by people who have already tried other treatments.  - needs to be injected-Example- Maraviroc was licensed in 2007.

5. Integrase Inhibitors-  Example-  raltegravir, fiound in  2007,  inhibits an enzyme called integrase, which HIV needs to insert its genetic material into human cells. But Complete inhibition is not possible due to some human body mechanism and HIV use to get rid of this medicine soon. 

6. Combination therapy- Therapy consists of a combination of three or more drugs. The most common combination given to those beginning treatment consists of two NRTIs combined with either an NNRTI or a "boosted" protease inhibitor

HIV medication will be at its high - in allopathic- in these medicines. 

Some most important Retro Viral  and other HIV medicines.

Generic Name   Brand   The procedure of use 
lamivudine Epivir Take with or without food
abacavir Ziagen Take with or without food
zidovudine Retrovir Take with or after food
stavudine Zerit Take with or without food
zalcitabine Hivid Take with or after food
didanosine Videx (tablet) Take on an empty stomach 30 minutes before food; avoid alcohol
Videx EC (capsule) Take on an empty stomach 1 hour before food; avoid alcohol
emtricitabine Emtriva Take with or without food
tenofovir Viread Take with or without food

Combined NRTIs:

The Combination Brands   Procedure of use
ABC + 3TC Epzicom (US) Take with or without food
Kivexa (Europe)
ABC + AZT + 3TC3 Trivizir Take with or without food
AZT + 3TC Combivir Take with or without food
TDF + FTC Truvada Take with or without food

Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NNRTIs):

Generic  Brand   How to use procedure
delavirdine Rescriptor Licensed in US but not UK. Take with or without food. Wait an hour before taking ddI or antacids.
efavirenz Sustiva (US) Take on an empty stomach
Stocrin (Europe)
etravirine4 Intelence Licensed in US but not UK. Take with food.
nevirapine Viramune Take with or without food

Protease Inhibitors -  useful in stopping mutations 

Generic  Brand   Use rocedure
amprenavir / fosamprenavir Agenerase / Lexiva (US) Take with or without food
Agenerase / Telzir (Europe)
atazanavir5 Reyataz Take with food
darunavir6 Prezista Take with food
indinavir Crixivan Take on an empty stomach if not taken with ritonavir
lopinavir + ritonavir Kaletra Some formulations should be taken with food. Some formulations need refrigeration to last more than 6 weeks.
Aluvia (developing world)
nelfinavir Viracept Take with food
ritonavir Norvir Take with food or liquid food supplement
saquinavir Fortovase (soft gel capsule) Take within two hours of food. Needs refrigeration to last more than 3 months.
Invirase (hard gel capsule) Take within two hours of food
tipranavir7 Aptivus Take with food

Fusion or Entry Inhibitors- useful in advanced level HIV. 

The Generic   Brand   Procedure of  Use
T-20 or enfuvirtide8 Fuzeon Must be prepared from a powder and injected into thigh, arm or abdomen
maraviroc9 Celsentri (Europe) Take with or without food.
Selzentry (US)

Integrase Inhibitors medicines- Latest in market- Yet to test in mass way. 

The Generic   Brand   Procedure of  Use
raltegravir10 Isentress Take with or without food.

Let me conclude- Here are many drugs in allopathic medication who use currently , but not having ultimate success. Reason is HIV can get through the holes we set, that is just deadliest of all diseases we gave ever see, No HIV medicines can cure HIV, and here is only one cure that is alternative HIV medicines.  


Pictures of Allopathic HIV medicines- Use For HIV Treatment 

HIV Medicine - Combination medicine

HIV Cure-
Combination Medicines.  

HIV Medicine - Bottle of HIV Retro tablets
HIV Cure-
Anti-Retro Viral

HIV Medicine - Zidovudin -Anti  HIV Tablet

            HIV Cure-
Zidovudin -Anti HIV Tablet


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