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Contents of this web Page: HIV Centers are for treatment and re habilitation of HIV Patients. HIV Centers are very important as HIV Centers will accept HIV patients who are not even recognized by social order as human beings. HIV Centers will be a blessing to many of such people. So here that will be considered. 

Introduction: HIV centers are -organizations provide special care to HIV Positive people. The special  HIV Center for Women and Children provides the clinical staffing and leadership for HIV clinical care. They also will treat patient with success as they are specialized in clinical handling of a person who is very unlucky in life with HIV. These centers are very essential as they can handle specialized cases of HIV and can lower death by HIV to a big extend. 

Scope of this Subject: HIV centers are very important subject. The scope is too much as government is going to set up 10000 more HIV centers especially in Nevada, Ohio, Arkansas, Kansas, South Carolina. This indicates the scope and importance of this subject. HIV centers will provide great care to needy people who are less fortunate than millions of us. 

Important updates On This Subject: HIV centers are always unde15-2008. Federal government is going to spend 1 Billon on creating more facilities to existing HIV centers-

Another news up date in this matter is - introducing special training for HIV centers- as follows-
In a major recent development, the HIV Center is now home to a multi-site training program, the New York/New Jersey AIDS Education and Training Center (NY/NJ AETC), which was transferred to the Center under the leadership of Francine Cournos.

This program has the primary aims of identifying and responding to HIV clinical care providers' prevention, diagnosis and clinical management training needs; increasing the number of clinicians in the NY/NJ region who are competent and willing to provide HIV/AIDS clinical treatment; building community capacity for HIV treatment in minority communities and promote culturally competent care; and systematically evaluating program activities and disseminating best practices.  

More Information On This Subject: HIV Centers are important as they can shield people from HIV. I would like to add a nice information pack below about HIV centers. Here they are given below. Since they are the back born of fight against HIV governments around the world should look in to the matter to set up more and more HIV or AIDS Centers around. Hope this web page will boost their enthusiasm in constructing such centers at the earliest. 

HIV Centers - An Over View 

HIV Centers’ research has resulted in three significant types of contribution: Firstly, development of comprehensive, contextually specific, and interdisciplinary methodological approaches, secondly, scholarly contributions to the biomedical and public health literature and finally training and information dissemination for communities locally, nationally, and internationally.  

The HIV Centers’ have developed approaches allowing the rest of the world to comprehensively explore the context of individuals’ lives. For example, the investigations of children and adolescents focus both on their stage of psychosocial and psychosexual development on the context provided by their family units and wider communities. The studies with women take into consideration their relationships with their male partners, questions of pregnancy, and family life. Keeping in mind the need for comprehensive and contextual approaches, HIV Centers’ researchers integrated qualitative and quantitative methodologies in the development and evaluation of interventions tailored to a wide variety of populations. 

From the beginning, HIV Centers’ have had a commitment to interdisciplinary research, drawing upon the most relevant theories and methods from fields as diverse as psychiatry, psychology, public health, sociology, social work, neurology, biochemistry, and anthropology.

Various studies launched at the HIV Centers’ have contributed significantly to the shape of the HIV/AIDS research agenda in the US and abroad. Among the pioneering areas of HIV Centers’ research have been the development of gender-specific interventions; short- and long-term sexual risk reduction among women that include methods under women’s control, questions of ethics and policy; issues relating to children, families, and adolescents; HIV prevention among people with severe mental illness; and serodiscordant relationships as the context for risk reduction and coping with HIV infection. HIV Centers’ work has resulted in more than 71100 publications that have both contributed to the body of knowledge and influenced clinical care, treatment, and services for HIV-positive and at-risk populations. 

Since 1987, HIV Center researchers have responded to the prevention, care, and clinical treatment needs of individuals and communities. Thus, much of the work is conducted with populations – especially women and members of ethnic and racial minority groups – that reflect the evolving HIV/AIDS epidemic in New York. 

The HIV Center has established alliances with many community based organizations in New York City, both to partner in conducting research and to provide information dissemination and training. The weekly Grand Rounds series, held since 1987, draws representatives of CBOs, basic scientists, clinicians, and care givers. The HIV Center Newsletter is a resource for dissemination of research results, discussion of ethical issues, and updates on the national and international issues that affect the work. In March 2007, the Newsletter became the E Newsletter reaching subscribers by email. 

The HIV Centers’ international agenda particularly focuses on South Africa, Namibia, and Brazil, where it has established partnerships and research initiatives. At the same time, it is expanding to other regions, such as Nigeria, China, India, and Mexico, with feasibility, pilot, and training programs.

The following services are available at the HIV Centers.

A comprehensive assessment and medical treatment for HIV and associated complications is undertaken besides clinical social work services .Medication education is imparted by a pharmacist. The Patient/family is tutored regarding HIV disease and related issues. Other services include referral for psychiatric, dental, nutrition or legal services, home health care coordination, consultation with patient's personal physician, clinical drug studies and Infusion Center. The HIV Centers also have specialty clinics for patients requiring hepatology, neurology, ophthalmology and hematology consultation. They also offer a specialized program for HIV-infected women that include obstetrical and gynecological care. 

Apart from the above services the HIV centers also ensure that individuals requiring inpatient hospital care are followed by an interdisciplinary HIV team to insure continuity and holistic care. Patients are hospitalized and treated by the HIV team on the hospital unit most appropriate for their condition. Primary HIV disease therapy is continually being discovered through diverse clinical trials. More than 80 clinical trials are conducted at the HIV Center with over 5,000 participating patients.

Here are some important HIV /AIDS Centers -LIST is given Below 

AIDS Prevention and Education Network Contacts for American Indians and Alaska Natives- This is a National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information (NCADI) listing for AIDS prevention and education.

Being established in In 1991, AICH instituted the HIV/AIDS Project to provide HIV-related services through  referral, and case management. This is organized to assist N A communities   Also provides social health services - Website is http://www.aich.org

HIV/AIDS Client Advocacy Program  - It is rather a health clinics to care the Native persons living with AIDS. This project provides education, counseling, testing, prevention-  Contact Email: cwindal@aol.com 

Native American Health Center
This is to assist American Indians  with HIV- Located in San Francisco, California. For more info call (510) 535-4460 or click on link http://www.nativehealth.org/

Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center - They provides health education materials for HIV/AIDS. Email: laurasmock@hotmail.com

National Native American AIDS Prevention Center's -  
Their mission is to stop the spread of HIV and related diseases among American Indians, Alaskan Natives, Native Hawaiians etc. Website is http://www.nnaapc.org/

Red Circle Project-This is an HIV/AIDS Prevention Education campaign designed  for Native Americans etc. Contact the Red Circle Project at 213-201-1311 or by e-mail at enaswood@apla.org

San Diego American Indian Health Center -The center provides HIV/AIDS information, education, and services for everyone including free confidential HIV antibody testing and HIV /AIDS case management.  Contact Email: editor@sdaihc.org

Seattle Indian Health Board - This board offers  education/ case management  and will support  persons with HIV including mental health counseling also drug and alcohol services and a medical clinic- call 206-324-9360. 

Some photos about HIV Centers. 

HIV Center- Taking physical exercises. 

HIV Center - Physical exercise session

HIV Center- A Study Class 

HIV Center - Class room

HIV Center- Admin Office 

 HIV Center - Office administration

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