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Contents of this web Page:  The History Of HIV is the main content of this web page. If you go for the history of this illness you will find - it has longest and very dubious history than most of other diseases. The history starts from earliest eighties but actually it is believed that HIV has its history from earliest - from 1950s. 

IntroductionThe History Of HIV is a important subject to deal with. This history is important as that is the history of one of the biggest killers on earth. The history is scary and has several arguments. Each of them has own arguments. Let us know some thing about that here.

Scope of this Subject: The scope of History Of HIV is great. The killer that killed 40 Million people on earth is not a small one. It killed more people than in both world wars. The scope is so high. Here we are coming deep in to the history of the killer and hope that will help to know further about this illness. 

Important updates On This Subject: The updates are less in this subject. Last one update was from HIV center South Africa. They said - HIV is a product of germ experiments in US germ labs- in Botswana in early 1950s. Just no one can deny that. 

It has evidences to support- In Henry Kissinger Notes- it is written- “De-population should be the highest priority of US foreign policy towards the Third World.”  This sentence formed the hard backbone of NSSM 200.  The memo went on to state that “Reduction of the rate of population in these States [Third World nations] is a matter of vital US national security.”  Why?  Simply because “The US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries.”  In stating this the focus was exclusively, on the “…economic interests of the US.” 

This indicates how sadly they prepared the nasty silent killer from US Labs. But it went out of their hands and start to kill every one come across. Like in the story of Frankenstein. 

More Information On This Subject: HIV History has big long story to tell- If we shorten that here that is- Lat us see in abridged version. 

Time- during the era- 1981-1990
This is the earliest time- HIV as a new illness first identified in San Francisco as Gay Related Immune Deficiency. No treatment available.- We saw the first report of AIDS and its identification as a retrovirus, approval of the first immunoassay test, and approval of AZT, the first drug to treat AIDS, and the first drugs for treatment and prevention of certain opportunistic infections, and a mechanism for expanded access to promising therapies prior to approval- Some says this is another version of chemotherapy use to treat malignancy cancers. Name is chaged later to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome from GRID.  Worldwide pandemic declared  and found high numbers of infection in  Saharan Africa. Funds flows in-as no effective treatment discovered in Allopathic way- Lot of efforts were taken-as prevention-including screening blood supply for HIV

Time- during the era- 1991-1994
This is secondary time-Lot of research they did on AIDS Drug Development, lot of approved HIV therapies came in this time- and approval of a number of new drugs. The first non blood-based collection system was approved to test for HIV, and the female condom was approved, providing women with a barrier product that didn't rely on a woman's partner to use- Lot of improvement in Allopathic treatment for HIV - This time we see high increase in HIV among  drug users, aboriginal populations, women, and street involved youth call girls etc. Also HAART- Highly active anti-retroviral therapy was first introduced. 

Time- during the era- 1995-1999
The great changes in HIV Treatments in allopathic way- We found the approval of the first protease inhibitor, a new class of drugs for treating HIV, the AIDS test kit was introduced, the first antigen test kit to screen blood donors for HIV-1, and the first viral load test. And culture test as well introduced. Holistic treatment to HIV was begin and also we found homeopathic association working in same direction.   

Uncertain thoughts- where HIV came from. HIV may have been around for years before it was discovered and, like many viruses, simply needed the right combination of factors to emerge as a global health threat. But some still believe that is a product from USA germ labs. 

During this time a rapid spread of HIV around the earth- Millions got infected. Effected badly to  travel and tourism- Millions of dollars wasted for forced health care programs-   increasing poverty rates rapes, etc was reason for this. And lack of access to medical information and care Aa wella s lack of moral education and social values as well as the  insufficient resources etc helped HIV to spread like anything 

Time- during the era- 2000-present time
New formulations and combinations of medications were approved against HIV. It can be called cockatiel. The first nucleic acid test for plasma screening, the first rapid HIV test for use in outreach settings, the first fusion inhibitor for treatment of HIV/AIDS, and the first generic version of an HIV therapeutic agent were also approved. Lot of other types of chemo's used and no body see the fearsome side effects of useless cockatiel treatment. At this time WHO AND UV are in Goose chase for better availability of more HAART medications and research in that 

Holistic treatment and methods are being spread around now. Last month Holistic treatment proclaimed 1500 th case of successful treatment and cure of HIV. 

We can add more later- 

Additional information and other additions to this page will be done soon 



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History of  HIV- The interesting History of  HIV is the story- How HIV was evolved. Details in this page.