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Contents of this web Page: Anti HIV Protein  is an important factor in treatment of HIV. The latest Allopathic treatment is based on that. The holistic treatment is even not connected to Anti HIV Protein factors - the subject is having its own importance. So I am making this as important aspects of this web page.

Introduction: Anti HIV Protein is a fact that inhibits the replication of HIV-1  retrovirus through the protein and its interaction with the viral protein. This will be used to make/in development of AIDS medicine. 

Scope of this Subject: Anti HIV Protein used much in making HIV vaccine and treatment to cure HIV/AIDS. Even though Anti HIV Protein is not effective always people think they are useful come times. The scope of this subject is very high. 

Important updates On This Subject: Anti HIV Protein has come to the world years ago - millions of years ago before HIV come in. It is a great update  that- Anti HIV Protein that the body uses to attack the AIDS virus is evolved 32 million years before the emergence of HIV-says Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. That is a great info. There is great variation in disease progression among HIV-infected individuals- Let us see more later. 

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When  scientists trying to find  HIV Vaccine some came in to HIV Protein and its effects which lead to  new doors to devising drugs and vaccines against HIV,  also  crystallized th  gp120, the surface protein molecule that the HIV - virus - uses to attach itself to CD4 Helper T cells- And  gp120 core's crystal structure reveals specific targets for anti-HIV vaccines and drugs, opens the defenses that the virus uses to duck under the  attack of anti HIV Drugs and anti bodies. The anti HIV Protein is a reality in their mind that time.  gp120 crystal's structure can reveal how the virus locks on to immune system cells- said by  says Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases  -  

There is a special type of  device cells that allows gp120 to shield itself from antibodies until it reaches CD4 receptor sites on  helper T-cells - the first step in hijacking these cells. Actual procedure is the loop-shaped projections of these - that stick out above the molecule's surface hide the critical locking regions. When the virus reaches its target, the loops collapse and move out of the way, unmasking the locking regions. This way virus gets its due. 

On removing the so called  carbohydrate molecules that protects gp120 surface from antibody attacks will lead to the end of the protein- will lead to most assured attack against the virus.

Another stable structure that gp120 uses to attach itself to CCR5 - co-receptor needed to attach to CD4 is vulnerable to drugs as the structure is more stable than other one, it could be another useful target for drugs or vaccines. HIV Anti protein thoughts come from this level or more - this could be a focus for drugs to kill infection.

Also we can see other cavities in the surface of gp120 a drug which can seal them can stop HIV from binding to CD4 receptors.

 "HIV is a viral Houdini, says Dr. Sodroski. -It carries a multiply protected infection machinery that frustrates host defenses. Understanding this machinery should help us target medical interventions to the weak spots in the armor." True as ever- (Taken from Sodroski Notes- ) 

The giants like  National Institute of General Medical Sciences; the Howard Hughes Medical Institute; the American Foundation for AIDS Research; the Aaron Diamond Foundation; the G. Harold and Leila Y. Mathers Foundation; the Friends 10; William McCarty-Cooper; and Douglas and Judi Krupp are working in this lines. 

 Important Anti HIV Protein Research  reference notes- from  following  

PD Kwong, et al. Structure of an HIV gp120 envelope glycoprotein in complex with the CD4 receptor and a neutralizing human antibody.  

C Rizzuto- A conserved HIV gp120 glycoprotein structure involved in chemokine receptor binding.  


Some body asked us- Why do antiretroviral medications sometimes stop working?
The most important reason is drug resistance. When  this  occurs  viral load goes up, requiring  patient to change the cocktail of medicines they take. No way to avoid that 

WO/1992/018148 And the Anti HIV Protein capacity- Here are the facts about  this Anti HIV Protein. 

1. This is  obtainable from  Trichosanthes is a functional derivative thereof, said protein or functional derivative having anti-HIV activity in vitro at concentrations above about 0.3 nanomolar 

2. This has about 29 kD Molicular weight  with  dodecyl sulfate- polyacrylamide

3. The protein has N- terminal amino acid sequence SEQ ID:No 1.

4. The whole procedure is from getting the protein and purifying it from the powdered  root tuber -Then  centrifuging said extract at least once, and recovering the supernatant; and then  fractionating said supernatant by ion- exchange chromatography to get the protein.

5. A DNA molecule consisting essentially of - DNA encoding the protein of claim 1 or a functional derivative of said protein, substantially free of other nucleic acid molecules.

Finally the  method for treating a subject infected with HIV-1 comprising administering to said subject an effective amount the protein of claim 3 or a functional derivative thereof. 

 ANOTHER Anti HIV Protein And Details 

Some researchers found a new protein  Apobec3G - potential in shedding light on the genetic mechanisms of HIV prevention. The protein defends cells from HIV infection by causing mutations in the genetic material within the virus. In response, HIV produces a protein that binds to Apobec3G and targets it for destruction.

This is a clear case of genetic arms races -  some thing like a  genetic tugs of war We have see who will win finally.  But this protein is evolved about 30 million years before HIV start its lashing in humane kind.  

  HIV is a newcomer to fight with existing veteran Anti HIV protein.  

The discovery of Apobec3G' is a new mark- It is said that  some forms of the protein are effective at overcoming HIV infection than others  - There is great variation in disease progression among HIV-infected individuals, 

Some propose that Apobec3G's original enemy is a family of virus-like invaders of the genome called retro transposons. Known as mobile genetic elements, these snippets of DNA are thought to be relics of ancient viral infections that insert themselves into many places in the genome, regardless of whether they may disrupt the genes that inhabit those locations. HIV and other lentiviruses are similar to these ancient genetic attackers in that they also insert themselves into the host genome after infection. May be HIV is ancient one which was extinct and which might have its second run now. 

Most potent Anti HIV protein is here. This has lot of years experience in this world to kick on the HIV type viruses. This is virulent Anti HIV protein that can turn the cycle back on to HIV. 

The research was supported by funds from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the National Institutes of Health  says this can stop HIV with in couple of years. Only thing is that this Anti HIV protein must be use in larger quantity to finish HIV.

Additional information and other additions to this page will be done soon 



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