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Electro homeopathy is a electro version of homeopathic medicines. We often prescribe normal homeopathic medicines and let them electro later if the patient needs that.

It is highly useful and the action of the medicines are same that in the case of normal homeopathic medicines. But they can be 100 times more powerful with ionization of medicines. The potency theory will remain the same. THIS TREATMENT HAS NO SIDE EFFECT AT ALL. 


1. HIV/AIDS- Electro homeopathic medicines can control CD4 Count and also can help to cut down viral growth. In some cases complete cure is not possible for that You have to take HOLISTIC TREATMENT- Click Here To Know Further About That-

2. MALIGNANT Cancers. Here success rate is 90% and very useful. It can cure malignancy even in secondary stage. Even useful in Leukemia Diseases. 

3. Effective very much in DIABETES, KIDNEY DISEASES, PARALYSIS. Kidney diseases, Paralysis etc. Also to an extend in Parkinson syndrome. 

4.Very useful in arthritis and also in HERAT AND BLOCKS-BYPASS SURGERY RELATED DISEASES Including ARTERY BLOCKS in arteries etc 

5. Useful to treat HERPES , Other STDS, Sexual disorders etc. 

Here we offer free treatment to you. Nothing To Pay Us. 

What you have to do is simply send an email to mail@helpcure.com  with all your illness - details including your age, and your health details etc.

we shall send you free electro homeopathic prescription 

You can purchase homeopathic medicines from local stores and make them electro and can use free. We shall guide you in all aspects. 

-This is free service to all. ANY ONE FROM ANY WHERE in the world can join FREE. 

- Regards

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